On-Demand Webinar: Advanced Lighting Controls: Barriers, Benefits and Beyond

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Have LEDs, high performance fluorescents and electronically ballasted ceramic metal halides made lighting controls obsolete when it comes to saving energy? While increasingly efficient lighting has diminished the energy saving impact of occupancy sensors, photo controls and advanced controls, there are benefits from these technologies that go beyond controlling the lights. Join us to discuss all the benefits of advanced lighting controls—when to use them and why.

As a result of this webinar, you will be able to:

-Identify when lighting controls will cost effectively save energy.

-Describe the various benefits of advanced lighting controls for different projects.

-Plan for the effects of greater network connectivity (the Internet of Things) to control lighting.

-Discuss tunable (dimming and Kelvin changing) LED systems and identify suitable applications for this technology.

Who should attend?

Building owners; property managers; facility managers; maintenance personnel; energy program implementers, rebate providers and code officials; lighting consultants, retrofit contractors and designers; architects; electrical contractors; distributors; sales representatives; lighting and controls manufacturers; utility representatives; and anyone with basic knowledge and interest in lighting.

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Stan Walerczyk, CLEP
Principal, Lighting Wizards

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