Omni Workspace services divisions rebrand as Emerald Blue

Omni Workspace’s installation and moving companies combine operational strength under a single brand

Omni Workspace of Minneapolis, MN is excited to announce a new identity for its A&M Business Interior Services, Atmosphere Services, and Emerald City Moving & Storage subsidiaries. Their locations in Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Arizona will operate as Emerald Blue Work/Space Services.

The Emerald Blue identity represents a new chapter for the businesses that have traditionally served their regional markets as independent operations. “We initiated this change to ensure we’re positioned to serve our clients on a national level,” said Karston Anderson, board member of Omni Workspace and 44-year veteran of the industry. “We’re prepared to execute our vision of being the national leader in commercial moving, furniture installation and FF&E.”

The A&M Business Interior Services, Atmosphere Services, and Emerald City Moving & Storage brands have built strong reputations in their respective communities and industry networks. “We will leverage our recruiting practices, technology, operational excellence, and our existing relationships—which are so crucial to our business—to grow our business in new regions. We believe the time is right to unify behind a single, independent brand,” said Pete Mesceda, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Emerald Blue’s Western Division, based in Seattle, Washington.  “We have the framework to deploy resources more efficiently than ever, and support clients and projects in a more seamless way.”

“Our clients’ key initiatives remain grounded in recruitment strategies, support for hybrid work, and real estate portfolio management. While our traditional services and embedded technicians remain popular solutions, the areas of interior construction, project services and technology-powered move management have grown significantly,” said Nathan Bauer, Vice President and General Manager, Emerald Blue, Midwest Region. “Business leaders need transition management partners. They are looking for innovative approaches that feel effortless and help them stay nimble.”

“Now, more than ever, business leaders want guidance on how to quickly value assets and make data-driven decisions. Our core competency is optimizing the movement, utilization, and storage of assets, and this alignment will fuel our capabilities,” said Carlene Wilson, CEO and board chair of Omni Workspace. “We deliver beautifully built environments and the value over time you’d expect from a strong, dynamic and dependable facilities partner.”

Warehouses totaling 700,000 in rackable square footage in five states will rebrand as Emerald Blue, and the company’s work order management and move management platforms will also be available to clients around the globe. The company’s installation technicians are trained in a wide variety of manufacturers’ modular products including the latest in-demand interior construction components.

Emerald Blue Work/Space Services – Moving and Installation
At Emerald Blue Work/Space Services, we do moving work – because work moves. Contact us about our moving & storage services.


A&M Business Interior Services, Atmosphere Services, and Emerald City Moving & Storage rebranded as Emerald Blue Work/Space Services in 2023. These businesses and their exceptional teams have provided commercial facility services since 1980 to leading organizations across corporate, healthcare, education, hospitality and sports industries. Emerald Blue Work/Space Services is a full-service office furniture installation and facility services company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Arizona, and Washington. Emerald Blue Work/Space Services is a subsidiary of Omni Workspace. For more information, visit