OM Seating Launches CET Designer Extension

OM Truly Chair in CET Designer

OM, a leading resource for mid-market contract seating, expands its dealer-designer toolkit with the launch of a CET Designer Extension.  The functionality will be accessible through Configura’s marketplace.

“Launching our CET extension is part of a big picture effort to transform OM into an even more design-friendly resource,” explains Queenie Wong, Marketing Coordinator for OM. “CET allows designers and dealers to easily specify products, including details on mechanisms, finishes, and pricing. With this Extension,  our dealer-designer community will be able to search through product groupings, then drag files into space plans and product orders.”

The rollout will include favorites such as Truly.® Series, OM5 Series® work chairs, and Ginny, as well as numerous solution-oriented collections, with more to come. The complete list of products is included in release notes available on OM’s website and in the Configura Marketplace.

OM Seating has  a reputation as a responsive resource for design-forward, right-price seating for work environments of all kinds, including traditional and start-up spaces, healthcare offices, educational facilities, and even work-from-home. Dealers have been asking for the CET functionality, and OM is Truly excited to say Yes!

Used by nearly 17,000 design professionals globally, and developed by Configura, CET Designer helps manufacturers and their dealers, designers and specifiers by providing a single software solution for space planning and product ordering. The highly visual software includes a collaboration tool, photorealistic renderings, virtual reality and instant pricing with a Bill of Materials. Users can also mix and match products from several manufacturers in the same workspace.

OM’s CET Extension is free to users of CET and can be downloaded via Configura’s Marketplace at

About OM
OM is a national leader in mid-market seating solutions for small and large businesses, healthcare environments, educational and governmental institutions, various public and private organizations, and anywhere work happens. Founded in 1986 on an egg ranch in San Marcos, CA,  OM has grown from a regional provider of ergonomic task seating into a nationally respected and sought‐after source for seating to support today’s work spaces.