Okamura introduces a major showroom redesign for NeoCon 2024 with its new global brand concept; “To the last detail”.

Okamura is thrilled to announce its participation in NeoCon 2024, starting June 10th in THE MART, Chicago, featuring a completely redesigned showroom centered around Okamura’s new brand concept “To the last detail.” Founded in 1945, Okamura has built its reputation on the pillars of ultra-precise design & development originating from aviation engineering. This heritage has cultivated a deep-rooted craftsmanship and a commitment to quality that respects both human needs and environmental considerations.

This year’s exhibit at NeoCon, “To the last detail,” allows visitors to explore various facets of Okamura’s design philosophy through four uniquely themed areas: Installation, Engineering, Scene, and Feeling Room. The “Installation” at the showroom entrance highlights workplace comfort with a future model of Okamura’s pioneering “Multi-Density Cushion.” This technology uses three distinct levels of firmness that conform ergonomically to the body’s shape, significantly reducing strain. It is an embodiment of Okamura’s commitment to innovation, now crafted from a 100% recyclable new material that showcases the potential of sustainable design.

The “Engineering” section is designed like a high-tech lab, revealing the meticulous detail and thoughtful innovation that go into areas of our products that are typically unseen. It’s here that the hidden beauty and intricate craftsmanship within the seats and backrests of Okamura products are displayed, illustrating the unseen complexities that contribute to their renowned durability and elegance.

In the “Scene” area, formed by the latest products of Okamura, visitors can experience various workspaces that mirror the team-oriented nature of the modern office environment, while the Feeling Room offers a hands-on experience with a range of Okamura’s signature office chairs. These spaces are designed to provide a comprehensive feel of the product’s physical and aesthetic appeal, allowing visitors to appreciate the comfort and superior design brought forth by Okamura’s extensive engineering expertise.

This year, the exhibition’s creative direction is led by Nippon Design Center, a prestigious design firm with a broad portfolio of collaborations, including work with global brands such as MUJI and Toyota. Their involvement ensures a presentation that not only reflects Okamura’s dedication to quality and innovation but also emphasizes the unique, detailed-oriented approach that is often seen from Japanese brands. As Okamura showcases “To the last detail,” attendees are invited to anticipate a display that merges modern Japanese aesthetics with cutting-edge technological applications, crafting a narrative of meticulous design that enhances both function and form in office furniture.

About Okamura Corporation

For over 70 years, Okamura has been Japan’s leading office furniture manufacturer and a benchmark for the industry. Okamura is recognized for its high-quality products that have achieved design and engineering excellence. Okamura products are now distributed to over 50 countries. For more information on Okamura products, please contact your local representative or visit our website at www.okamura.com/

About Nippon Design Center

Founded in 1959 with the goal of elevating Japanese industry through design, Nippon Design Center has contributed to the development of industries alongside leading Japanese corporations such as MUJI, Toyota, and Asahi Beer. Amidst the waves of globalization, it provides design services not only in Japan but also across Asia and Europe. www.ndc.co.jp/en/


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