OFGO STUDIO introduces refreshed laminate collection for 2024

Venetian Walnut Moodboard

Today, OFGO STUDIO announces a curated offering of new laminates, coming soon to our standard TFL finish collection. These new finishes were carefully selected to meet current design trends and market demand and will soon be available on all laminate products produced by OFGO STUDIO.

“We closely monitor evolving trends when it comes to color palettes and finishes in the market,” says Nicole Shamir, Executive Director of OFGO STUDIO, “These new standard finishes are the perfect blend of progressive trends and familiar classics that are proven winners.”

The new laminate finishes include:

Venetian Walnut; showcasing the nostalgia of bygone days, exuding an exquisite tone and dignified texture. Its exceptional butternut texture and woodgrain pattern offer a sense of sophistication and refinement.

Golden Oak; introducing a dimension of contemporary sophistication. The elegant blend of modern design and timeless appeal creates a harmonious atmosphere that effortlessly complements a variety of interior styles.

Hardrock Maple; the industry bedrock of maple finishes. This classic toned hardwood will bring strong familiarity to your workspace. With its beautiful grain patterns and smooth texture, Hardrock Maple embodies sophistication and refinement.

“One of the hallmarks of OFGO STUDIO’s mission of ‘Premium For All’ is design relevance and offering premium selections as part of our standard offering,” says Alex Sisk, Vice President of Sales at OFGO STUDIO, “These new finishes which come off the heels of brand new base-grade fabric collections just a few months ago, are really exciting as we continue to build upon our mission and evolve the product line.”

Launching as part of the textured laminate collection is Venetian Walnut and Golden Oak. Venetian Walnut features a premium EIR (Embossed In-Register) texture to mimic the feel of real wood. Golden Oak features a similar premium embossed texture. Hardrock Maple launches as part of the Smoothwood collection.

All three new laminates include premium ECO+ and SURFACE+ construction as standard, at no additional cost. Through reuse of post-consumer wood materials and post-industrial wood residues, ECO+ laminates help contribute to the recycling of over 244,000 tons of post-consumer wood fibre annually. SURFACE+ is a collection of laminates which are non-porous, making them an inhospitable environment for microorganisms to grow and live.

Venetian Walnut, Golden Oak and Hardrock Maple will all be available for order as of March 1, 2024. Finish samples will be available through our local independent reps, or by ordering through our Member Zone. With the launch of these new laminates, we will be phasing out Linea Vanilla and Riviera Maple laminates, effective immediately. Any remaining raw material stock is on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information on OFGO STUDIO finishes, please refer to our website: https://ofgo.com/resources/finishes/


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