OFGO STUDIO adds ECO+ to its laminate collection; a sustainably manufactured solution

On Oct. 3, OFGO STUDIO announced details of its new ECO+ sustainably manufactured TFL laminate. Through reuse of post-consumer wood materials and post-industrial wood residues, ECO+ laminates help contribute to the recycling of over 244,000 tons of post-consumer wood fibre annually. This sustainably-focused material is now standard with nine of our laminate options, at no additional cost.

“Sustainability plays a key role for many of our customers in deciding which furniture to select,” says Alex Sisk, Vice President of Sales at OFGO STUDIO, “the addition of ECO+ to our already popular and on-trend laminate selection allows our customers greater flexibility to select sustainably focused options for their laminate casegoods, workstations, tables and reception desks,”

ECO+ laminate panels are manufactured using recycled materials from two key sources: 30% of ECO+ wood fibres are sourced from post-consumer wood materials, primarily from CRD (Construction, Renovation and Demolition). Through a proprietary process, the laminate supplier extracts contaminants such as metals, paper and plastics from CRD waste materials, leaving only refined wood fibres. The remaining 70% of ECO+ wood fibres are sourced from post-industrial wood residues. This includes off cuts and waste from lumber mill production.

OFGO STUDIO is committed to continuing the sustainable journey once the laminate panels arrive at our facility and begin the process of being manufactured into furniture.

“We optimize each cut through our automation process,” says Gino Palermo, Vice President of Operations at OFGO STUDIO “in doing so, we get the best possible yield from each laminate sheet and reduce offcuts and waste,”

When off cuts are necessary, they are recycled within the factory where possible; as packaging materials and/or recut into additional parts. ECO+ laminates help extend a tree’s useful life cycle. Instead of ending up in a landfill, post-consumer wood materials are recycled and integrated into the laminate sheet. This helps reduce the need for virgin wood fibre and contributes to the conservation of millions of trees and long-term carbon storage. Additionally, all OFGO STUDIO laminates are produced using FSC certified wood and are Indoor Air Quality certified for healthier interiors.

The addition of ECO+ continues OFGO STUDIO’s mission of delivering Premium For All. We deliver on this mission with superior construction methods, premium textured and smooth wood laminates, and a limited lifetime warranty. Create a space that embraces the customer’s culture and vision with OFGO STUDIO products. ECO+ is available now. For more information refer to our website: www.ofgo.com/ecoplus


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