Nora Lighting® Adds Web-Based Photometric Plug-in Using IES Files

Nora Lighting’s website now offers a web-based photometric plug-in that creates sample lighting layouts using IES files. The plug-in can be found on each product page in the Nora Downloads Section/IES Files. (

The mobile-friendly program can be used on IOS or Android devices, including tablets or desktop computers. It is AWS-hosted and accessible from any location.

Created by Lighting Analysts, the Nora Luxiflux Zonal® program can potentially save designers hours of time as it presents accurate, customized interior lighting layouts for residential and commercial installations. Visuals include a rotating three-dimensional room plan that adjusts as specs are revised.

Clickable icons allow the user to select the specific Nora luminaire, number of luminaires, room size, illuminance desired and more. As specifications change, the fully-interactive program instantly re-calculates and presents updated data, including workplane height, fixture spacing, suspension length, mounting height and other factors. Results can be printed, emailed, or shared for review by others.

Nora Lighting has served the lighting industry for more than 30 years and is a recognized leader in the development and introduction of LED products. Nora offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive lines of LED luminaires, including: commercial, architectural and residential downlights; track and rail lighting; panels and troffers; MLS (multi-lighting systems); linear and under cabinet lighting; RLM, pendants and cylinders; tape lights; step lights; and emergency / exit signs.