Nook Introduces the Nook Open on World Mental Health Day

Mental Health is for Everyone

Introducing the Nook Open on World Mental Health Day (Oct. 10)

5% of all sales for the Nook Open will be donated to Mental Health Charities

Nook is very excited to announce the newest member of the Nook family – the Nook Open, providing all of the benefits of Nook, but with wheelchair access. Rather than just being ADA compliant, this new Nook is designed to be friendly for wheelchairs of all shapes and sizes and other ergonomic furniture.

Neuro-inclusivity is in the very veins of the Nook Pod family – all designed to create semi-privacy and intimacy without claustrophobia or isolation.

The careful dimensions and attention to acoustic materials make each Nook startlingly quiet inside, providing a feeling of coziness and calm, while at the same time the openness and flexibility of Nook keep it inviting and welcoming.

Contact us at and we will introduce you to your local representative – Nook Open is in stock and ready to ship !

Nook – A New Type of Furniture for New Ways of Working

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