Nook Announces the Winning ‘Super Nook’ Design

Nook starts construction of a full scale functional version to demonstrate at events later in 2020

Earlier this year, Nook challenged the Design Community to design a Nook with an additional Super Power. The Competition attracted extremely detailed designs from the best of the design industry’s creative minds, and was eventually decided by a hard fought popular vote.

Congratulations to Mariana Serratos, Joy Perez-Tsai and Paige Parrish of Ware Malcomb for their Teleportation Nook as the winner of the Nook Design Competition.

David O’Coimin, designer of Nook “The Teleportation Nook, in providing a space where everyone is welcome to come and unleash their own superpower, goes to the core of Nook’s mission of helping everyone bring their best self to the task at hand.”

“While each entry received was truly spectacular, there could only be one Super Nook Winner. A huge thank you to all of our participants and thank you to everyone for voting – with so many great designs we could not have chosen the winner on our own.”

“Thank you Mariana, Joy, and Paige for allowing us to bring joy to many through your design!”

The Nook engineering team is now hard at work making the Teleportation Nook a reality. A full scale functional version will be showcased at events across the USA before it finally retires to a mental health charity to be useful for many years to come.

The entries for all of the finalists, including the designer’s inspiration, methodology and even animation, are available for view at

“If you can keep your head while all around you are losing theirs … you must be sitting in a Nook “ – Anon