Nook Air wins NAOPA Best Product Award

Stewart Brown of Nook receives the Best Product Award in the Furniture and Design category for Nook Air from Janet Bell, Office Products International at the 13th annual North American Office Products Awards.

Nook, created as a focused space in which to work, learn and play, was honored at the 13th annual North American Office Products Awards during the Independent Suppliers Group’s Industry Week.

Nook received the Best Product Award in the Furniture and Design category for Nook Air.

The presentation at this year’s awards hosted a rich and diverse group of nominees, from which nine candidates received the recognition of winning in their distinct category. With influential individuals from the North American business supplies industry in attendance, the event emphasized the importance and value that the industry places upon innovative and creative thinking.

Commenting on this year’s NAOPA, OPI Director Janet Bell, the organizer of the NAOPA program, expressed her enthusiasm:  “For the 13th consecutive year, leaders from the North American business supplies sector have gathered to recognize the finest companies and individuals our industry has to offer.

“The North American Office Product Awards consistently reflect the dynamic evolution within our sector, and this year is no exception. The product entries demonstrated an impressive ability to adapt to evolving customer expectations and changing work habits. The NAOPA judging panel was truly impressed by the high standard of entries, and I share their pride in our industry and its community. It is an honor to celebrate this year’s winners.”

Commenting on the Nook Air “The judges loved that it offers a unique solution for creating private and productive spaces without isolation”.

Steadfast in its dedication to supporting neuro-inclusivity in busy places, Nook is designed for user wellness and comfort. Providing an actually quiet space in busy places, Nook is a highly functional complement to any space to seamlessly facilitate both collaborative and individual work.

Nook designers put sustainability first, creating a product that not only uses less resource in its construction, but can be repaired, upgraded or ultimately recycled at the end of its life cycle.

Nook Air

The Nook Air transforms existing spaces by providing a lighter, leaner option for all budgets to create calming and safe spaces in a range of situations.

Nook is a multi-purpose mobile pod that supports and uplifts whatever activity is a part of your day – from a conversation with a colleague to dreaming up the next big idea and everything in between. The unique design helps improve focus and wellbeing while maximizing your space. The Nook Pod continues to be the perfect fit for many diverse environments.