Nook adds representation in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico

Nook and AIC teams on the field at Allegiant Stadium

Nook are extremely excited to welcome Advanced Interior Concepts to the Nook family as representatives for their Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico markets.

The deal was sealed with a private tour of the Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders, including a review of the Nooks onsite that are being used to provide a sanctuary space during the Stadium’s sporting, concert and other events.

“The Nook concept is growing exponentially as people personally experience the Nook effect to help bring psychological and neurological safety to shared spaces.” said Stewart Brown of Nook.

“The AIC team are already enthusiastically giving potential customers the opportunity to experience the benefits of bringing Nook to their space, and we would encourage making an early reservation for a demonstration from Chris and his team at AIC to avoid disappointment. ”

AIC can be contacted at, or their website at

About Nook:

Nook was created to support neuro-inclusivity in overstimulated shared environments, while adding elements of flexibility and modularity. Nook are an affordable, plug-and-play, sanctuary space for improving flexibility, engagement, ad-hoc meeting, volume, wellness, inclusivity and sustainability.

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