New Xorel Matte Pairs Aesthetic Innovation with Biobased Content

Biobased Xorel Matte is Here!
Beautiful. Functional. Sustainable.

Introducing a breakthrough addition to our Xorel product line years in the making – Xorel Matte. This new delustered Xorel aesthetic is achieved solely through a yarn innovation that maintains all the amazing performance characteristics of the proprietary product. The 3 new pattern introductions woven with the Xorel Matte yarn take on a delustered, brushed appearance, creating a highly sought after aesthetic expansion to the existing Xorel range.

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Innovation You Can See

Our Xorel Matte yarn still retains all the core attributes of is more lustrous Xorel counterparts – bleach cleanable, scrubbable, inherently antimicrobial – making it an exceptional solution for high traffic areas.

Sweet Sustainability

Xorel Matte boasts an incredible 75% biobased content; earning recognition under the USDA Biobased label. Xorel Matte is also C2C Gold Certified, making it one of the most environmentally friendly textiles on the planet.

Xorel Artform

All Xorel Matte patterns are available on Xorel Artform, meaning there are even more beautiful design options to choose from. Mixing our standard, more lustrous Xorel with delustered Matte Xorel makes for a whole new dimensional installation.

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