New Workplace Survey by CORT Furniture Rental Reveals Challenges, Concerns and Cost of Returning to the Office

In a new survey of nearly 1,000 respondents across 12 different industries, CORT Furniture Rental gained insights into how employees view working from home, their concerns about returning to work, and their perspectives on business changes and office safety trends. An infographic highlighting survey results can be viewed here, and the key findings include:

  • Employees want flexibility, but employers aren’t ready to commit: 75% of respondents wanted a permanent work-from-home option, but 57% of surveyed companies said that less than 10% of workers would remain at home permanently.
  • The return to work will require changes to office layouts: 85% of respondents cited social distancing as a priority in bringing employees back to work. To accomplish this, offices will need to rethink their open workspaces in favor of high-walled cubicles and panels.
  • Companies are divided on whether to increase their office footprint. Companies are divided on whether increasing their office footprint is necessary to accommodate social distancing (only 55% percent plan to expand their office space). Instead, they are allowing more employees to work remotely (temporarily or permanently), and providing flex or co-working options.