New From Wolf-Gordon | Contract 02 Collection

Inspired by printmakers and their centuries-old processes, Wolf-Gordon’s new Contract 02 collection is released in conjunction with the company’s 50th anniversary. A nod to Wolf-Gordon’s own long exploration of material tactility, this collection consists of Type II and III wallcoverings with 16 patterns focusing on intricate surfaces and beautiful textures.

“Contract Wallcovering 02 celebrates Wolf-Gordon’s expertise in surface design. Each item pushes pattern, texture and color in a distinct direction, whether it be by adjusting the manufacturing process or by reconfiguring the layering of matte and metallic inks to achieve a particular effect.” – Marybeth Shaw Wolf-Gordon Vice-President, Design & Marketing

Starting with Neo-Assyrian engraving in the late 9th Century BC, the development of printmaking can be traced from Rembrandt’s iconic drypoints to Escher’s elaborate lithographs and Warhol’s repetitive screen-prints. The innovation of these great artists resulted in rotogravure, an early twentieth century type of intaglio printing process that became well known because of its use in modern photography. Wolf-Gordon pays tribute to these great printmakers by using rotogravure to print and emboss Contract 02’s wallcoverings, as well as by basing the collection’s patterns on some of their greatest works.

Beyond printmaking, Contract 02 honors Wolf-Gordon’s own history in surfacing by showing a renewed appreciation for diverse textural surfaces such as woven textiles, oxidized metals, and architectural elements. Printmaking and textural influences were matched with current trends in contract interiors when creating the collection, making it perfect for designers on the hunt for something new.

Pattern Highlights:


Allotrope: The large-scale geometric has the allure and exuberance of an Art Deco design, enhanced by the use of a strong metallic overprint.


Boscage: This hard-to-believe-it’s-vinyl wallcovering is named for “a mass of trees or shrubs” and simulates weathered wood by combining a random grain pattern with a bark-like embossing.


Dupioni: This wallcovering gets its name from a crisp, tightly woven silk produced by weaving irregular threads of differing color values—which were reeled from two or more entangled cocoons—with a fine warp thread.


Foundry: Prompted by the popularity of metal finishes, Foundry uses metallic inks and multi-directional texture to bring a soft luster to walls.


Glint: Luminous and sophisticated, this gorgeous pattern will imbue walls with depth and shimmering lighting effects; a fine linear pattern printed in the background provides extra dimension, even when the lights are low.


Interchange: This unassuming pattern evokes the eternal appeal of a worn pair of jeans with distressed grid and rough-hewn texture that is printed or “omitted” on mostly metallic colorways.


Nocturne: Suave and sophisticated, this wallcovering has a silky finish and verticality that bring a mature sense of style. Like the musical compositions for which it is named, Nocturne is both expressive and lyrical.


Sadō: A multi-colored striated print, metallic streaks and flecks, and a stone-like texture merge to provide the oxidized appearance of this pattern named after a Japanese tea ceremony.

Wolf-Gordon is an American design company offering designers a wide range of interior surfacing products united by the common qualities of excellent design and dependable performance. Founded in 1967 as a comprehensive source for wallcoverings, its product line has since added upholstery and drapery textiles, paints, and Wink clear, dry-erase coating. Through its collaborations with leading national and international designers and in its Design Studio, Wolf- Gordon continues to develop new work that is provocative, inspiring, and of our time. Wolf- Gordon’s growing portfolio of licensed collections includes designs by Laurinda Spear, Karim Rashid, Petra Blaisse, Grethe Sørensen, Kevin Walz, the Boym Partners, Frank Tjepkema, and Mae Engelgeer. Wolf-Gordon sales representatives are based in all major markets in the United States.