New Wallpaper from Graham & Brown

Meet Christian & Thales, two new prints that offer warmth, depth & a sense of coziness to any indoor space as the temps begin to drop.

Meet Christian Classic; named after the iconic fashion designer Christian Dior, who famously used this pattern in his early work, this statement design is anything but boring. Graham & Brown also developed two coordinating wallpapers, Christian Texture in Stone & Charcoal, to add depth to any wall (even when used on their own!). Give your walls the haute couture treatment with this timeless classic.

The second of the new introductions is ThalesNamed after one of the first Greek Mathematicians, Thales of Miletus, these subtle, repeated shapes create a harmonious and peaceful ambience in any space, from offices, to retail spaced and even the home. Graham & Brown’s livable tonal colors offer this design an elegant subtlety, making it perfect for a statement wall or for a full room solution.

Did you know? Graham & Brown’s very own line of interior paints are expertly matched to each and every wallpaper design. Find each unique paint color palette for every wallpaper colorway on each wallpaper’s product listing page on, or, check out all of Graham & Brown’s paint colors here. Every paint and wallpaper can be specified for commercial and hospitality use.

Graham & Brown’s Designer & Trade programGraham & Brown offers designers and wholesale accounts 35% off retail pricing. Find out more information about how to sign up here.