New Testing Shows Superior Wear Performance of Tarkett’s Techtonic™ LVT Coating

Techtonic™ Is Protecting More Than 10 Million Square Feet of Flooring With Zero Claims Over Scratching, Scuffing or Abrasion

One year after its initial launch, Tarkett’s Techtonic™ LVT polyurethane coating has proven its superior performance in new laboratory tests, as well as real-world applications. A new series of carefully-monitored laboratory tests prove Techtonic to be significantly better than competing protective technologies in defending against scratches and scratch whitening, among other performance markers.

Though every LVT flooring product has a topcoat, Tarkett’s unique technology is notable in its absence of additives, which can lead to a phenomenon known as scratch whitening if the floor is damaged. The tests confirmed that Techtonic provides 40 percent more scratch protection than the industry market leader, enduring greater pressure from a diamond-tipped needle without scratching or whitening. It also had 18 percent better abrasion resistance, top-of-its-class scuff guarding and formidable stain defense.“

Techtonic is a protective coating unlike any other,” said Adrienne Roseman, senior director, Product Management. “Our competitors boast about what they add to their surfaces’ coatings, but those additives can increase the likelihood of whitening when their product gets scratched. Because Techtonic doesn’t include unnecessary composite materials, it offers significantly stronger defense against scratches and scratch whitening, as well as abrasions, scuffs and stains—providing our customers with a clearly superior surface protection.”

Techtonic has proven highly effective over time in real-world applications, as well. Tarkett has shipped more than 10 million square feet of Techtonic-protected LVT flooring with no claims filed for scratching, scuffing, staining or abrasion. And with the technology being added to a growing line of LVT products, architects and designers have more options for combining beautiful aesthetics with powerful protection.

Techtonic is currently available with Tarkett’s Collections Infinies™, Contour® and iD Latitude™ LVT collections. It was also included with Glint—a coordinated LVT that is part of designer Suzanne Tick’s Light Shift modular carpet collection.

  • Collections Infinies custom LVT flooring offers a uniquely disruptive design experience. State-of-the-art digital printing lets users co-create with influential industry designers, creating custom results with a 32 mil wear layer guarded by Techtonic.
  • Pairing thoughtful vision with innovative technology, Contour reaches new heights of LVT design and performance. Choose from 185 wood, stone and abstract colorways that feature Techtonic protection over a 32 mil wear layer.
  • iD Latitude combines excellent design, lasting performance, and practical affordability in a third-party verified carbon neutral product that’s CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly®. Wood, stone and abstract options pair easily, helping to create stylish environments protected by Techtonic over a 20 mil wear layer.
  • Glint LVT expresses the color and pattern of light seen in the digital realm, relating the layered visual patterns seen in technological light conversions. It is designed to coordinate perfectly with the rest of designer Suzanne Tick’s Light Shift collection, which draws inspiration from shifting light patterns and how they can shape our experience of physical space.

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