New Tangram Construction Trades Division Consolidates and Expands Services to Provide One-Stop Subcontracting Support

To accompany Tangram-curated furnishings, Tangram Construction Trades provides a range of wall and flooring solutions that are attractive and versatile.
Tangram Construction Trades continues to provide one-stop subcontracting support for its clients.

Tangram, a curator of highly creative commercial interior environments and workspaces, has announced an evolution and expansion of its construction services capabilities under the banner of Tangram Construction Trades (TCT).

The TCT team brings over 25 years of construction expertise in the specification, installation and ongoing care of several trades within the corporate, hospitality, education and entertainment markets. Founded in 2002 as Tangram Flooring, it has organically developed over the years into what could be viewed as a super-subcontractor.

The group has grown substantially from providing flooring solutions to now offering S As its service offerings expanded to meet industry needs, the team was rebranded as Tangram Construction Trades to more accurately represent those capabilities.

The unit also now includes Tangram Workplace Sanitization as a dedicated maintenance program available on a quarterly and annual basis. This three-tiered program is designed to address each facility’s unique characteristics and operational complexities while minimizing impact on occupants.

Additionally, Tangram recently formed partnerships with Falkbuilt and Wytcote Technologies to provide an advanced, long-term solution for building entry and symptom checking. By combining digital construction with a touchless temperature and check-in system, Tangram can create custom-skinned kiosks and wellness stations that are scalable from one to many.

“Our goal is to make subcontracting easier and less stressful by consolidating multiple construction services under one roof. This integrated approach offers multiple benefits across the overall project and supports our commitment to delivering results on time and within budget,” said Dave Teper, TCT General Manager.

Tangram Construction Trades services include consultation, estimating, pre-installation, delivery and build, and close-out and review in the following areas:

Division 3 – Concrete

Division 4 – Masonry

Division 6 – Wood and Plastics

Division 7 – Thermal and Moisture Protection

Division 8 – Doors and Windows

Division 9 – Finishes

Division 10 – Specialties

Division 12 – Furnishings

Division 13 – Special Construction

Division 16 – Electrical

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Comprehensive workplace sanitization services from Tangram Construction Trades are offered in three tiers.
Touchless temperature and check-in systems can be created by Tangram Construction Trades in single or multiple modules.

About Tangram Interiors

Tangram is a flagship dealer for Steelcase, Inc., and the leading commercial interior solutions provider in Southern California with offices in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Kern and Fresno counties. The company has nurtured a collaborative and people-focused culture in the belief that people fuel innovation. That culture has led to the organic growth of multiple business units complementing the firm’s core contract furniture offering: custom furniture, ancillary furniture, flooring and light construction, audio-visual integration, architectural walls, on-site furniture reconditioning, asset management and storage, delivery and installation, and corporate moves.