New Surface Collection from Soelberg Industries

GLOW (High Gloss panels)

Dry-Erase certified, GLOW panels make your walls and work space a collaborative environment. Utilizing a proprietary multi-layered acrylic material bonded to a Premium MDF core, GLOW panels feature an impeccably flawless surface consistency with a color richness that enhances depth and clarity. With high chemical and stain resistance, GLOW panels are the most scratch resistant acrylic panels in the market. Scientifically proven to be suitable for marker board use, GLOW is as beautiful as it is functional.

SOOTHE (Ultra Matte panels)

Engage your senses and transform your space with sleek and sophisticated SOOTHE panels. Incredibly smooth and soft to the touch, Soelberg Industries’ SOOTHE panels utilize a proprietary multi-layered acrylic surface bonded to a premium MDF core. Featuring a superior hardcoat protection layer for excellent scratch and chemical resistance, SOOTHE panels make it easy to specify for any project.

TOUCH (Textured Wood Grain panels)

With high-definition appearance and a surface texture that mimics real wood, TOUCH panels are the deepest structured thermo fused laminate panels produced in North America. Durable and extremely low maintenance, TOUCH panels feature excellent hardness, scratch and wear resistance as well as significant budget friendly pricing. Available in 8 textured wood grain colors, TOUCH panels enhance any space with strength, texture and aesthetic of natural materials.

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