New Streamline LED Linear Luminaires from Orgatech Lighting

Orgatech Lighting.Streamline LED

New Product Introduction: Streamline LED — crisp new pendant, surface-mount and recessed linear-design lighting for contemporary building interiors. Highly energy-efficient luminaires mount individually, in rows, right angles or in patterns to readily form creative interior lighting. Standard-length low-scale units blend seamlessly with architectural interiors.

Design: Orgatech In-House Lighting Design and Engineering Team.

Manufacturer: Orgatech Lighting, a U.S. company.

Product Applications: Streamline LED delivers visually comfortable, low energy, ultra-long life direct or indirect architectural illumination. Choice of three minimally-sized linear housings suits a broad range of new or renovated commercial, institutional — even upscale residential — environs.

These include offices; libraries; schools, universities; upscale retail; hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and laboratories; product showrooms; entertainment and themed venues; museums, galleries; and fine residences. Streamline LED matches needs for high-performance,economical lighting with integrated architectural lighting design; lasting energy conservation; long operating life with negligible maintenance.

Product Description: Streamline LED is notable for its architectural integral linear-lighting designs that can mount vertically and horizontally on ceilings and walls, providing ambient or accent lighting function.

Construction & Finishes: Streamline LED luminaires incorporate extruded-housings of sturdy 60% recycled aluminum, employing integral line-voltage power. Mounting options encompass adjustable cable suspensions; direct mounting to structures, or to T-Bar studs; recessed mountings with adjustable cables or brackets. All hardware is stainless steel. Special brackets are available to customer specification.

Streamline’s low-profile design is available in three widths; 1″, 1¾”, and 2¾”. All are 2¾” high. High-performance engineered reflectors emit flood, asymmetric, wall wash indirect or direct illumination. Individual lengths are available from 1 to 8 feet. Row lengths incorporate 4- or 8-foot fixtures to form 12-, 16-, 20- and 24-feet luminaires.

Suspend Streamline 1″ and 1¾” models with an optional, adjustable, cordless low-voltage cable that creates a free-floating appearance. Suspension components reposition vertically and horizontally for timesaving hassle-free installations. Recessed 2¾” models mount without removing trims and are tensioned in place without tools.

A choice of three LED outputs for application preferences:

• Standard Output — 5 watts, 618 lumens per foot;

• High Output — 7.5 watts, 870 lumens per foot;

• Extra-High Output — 9 watts, 1004 lumens per foot.

A 5-year, 60,000-hour factory warranty is standard. Units yield 40% or greater energy savings over common linear fluorescent fixtures.

A 5-step factory pretreatment prepares Streamline LED housings for long-life polyester powder-coat application. Factory-standard color options include Black, Silver or White. Custom colors available at an upcharge.

Contact Information: Learn more about Orgatech architectural high-performance design-lighting products and capabilities by visiting: Orgatech is located at 511 N. Virginia Avenue, Azusa, CA 91702. Telephone: (626) 969-6820. Fax: (626) 969-6830. E-mail: