A New Spin on Ping Pong Tables

With the ping pong table being to tech companies, what the water cooler was to your father’s coffee break, the Balance, from Clarus is the World’s First Luxury Ping Pong Table, made to order and the first of its kind. Renowned for innovative glass products that individuate a space with clarity, function and a chic and unique interior design, Balance will get your teams’ creative juices back in the game. Doodle, draw or dash off a new idea on the clean, smooth glass that is set atop a refined wood base. “Three and over” will also never be the same, when a removable mesh net triples the table’s use for conferences and dining.

Clarus Glassboards is breaking boundaries, and revolutionizing the way people communicate. Creating 25 limited edition units, this table will be an exclusive statement piece for only a handful of clients.

The largest manufacturer of dry-erase glass systems in the United States, Clarus Glassboards offer clean and clear communication is ideal for all offices and conference rooms. Because they are safer and more sanitary, their health boards are the number one choice for hospital rooms and nurses stations. In addition, Clarus’ versatile design allows it to double as a wall hanging, a reception entrance, or an art piece using a hybrid Glassboard and Sound Panel installation.

They cater to some of the most successful organizations and industry segments across the world, such as Google, Facebook, Whole Foods, American Express, Twitter and Under Armour. It won Interior Design’s 2015 Best of Year Award in office accessories.

For more information, please visit http://www.clarus.com/.