New Source for Creation and Management of CEU Programs

Peter Carey

Architectural materials knowledge expert Peter Carey, LEED AP, WELL AP, Streamline Material Resourcing founder, is now developing content and slideshows that are AIA & IIDA certified. These Continuing Education programs are available for manufacturers across the country through Peter Carey CEU Design.

Leverage Peter’s expert knowledge of the industry to create sales & marketing opportunities for your company that resonate with design professionals.

Services include:
• CEU PowerPoint design
• Presentation script writing
• Presentation Coaching
• CEU flyer design
• CEU credit/paperwork fulfillment

Relocated from NYC and now based in Portland, Oregon, Peter’s background in the A&D industry is primarily through working with design firms, either as a full-time employee or by way of his first consulting company, Streamline Material Resourcing. With a unique perspective on the architecture and interior design community, he is able to speak to subjects that resonate with design firms. The idea is to make each learning session memorable, full of humor, and genuinely informative.

“During the fourteen years I ran Streamline Material Resourcing, one of the comments I heard most from design firm principals was that they expected the manufacturers that had samples in the firm’s resource library to educate the design staff in their firm via lunch and learn presentations,” said Peter. “Over the years, I booked and attended hundreds of AIA and IIDA CEU presentations for design firms. Some were better than others. Unnecessary content or unfocused presentations cause useful information in lunch and learn CEUs to miss the mark with an audience. CEUs are meant to create opportunities for vendors and designers alike. The win-win in that equation is lost when sales rep instructors focus on what they personally know instead of raising the audience up to their level of knowledge or losing the opportunity entirely by reading off a dry PowerPoint script that focuses on ASTM numbers.

“In an answer to this situation, I have created Peter Carey CEU Design. My 30+ years of experience in the architecture and design industry are my foundation for developing one-of-a-kind, engaging CEUs. Presenter training and thoughtful script writing for manufacturers is another part of my service offering. My storytelling skills and practical knowledge have already contributed to creating CEUs for companies like Chilewich Flooring, Bona Adhesives, Skyline Interiors, and more. My presentations keep the audience engaged and result in that manufacturer’s message being linked with their products and increasing specifications moving forward.”

Peter is experienced in developing accredited Health, Safety & Welfare (HSW), Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI), and standard CEUs for the AIA, as well as accredited presentations for IIDA/IDCEC members. Presentations for the two entities may not necessarily be interchangeable, but seminars for both are certainly possible. He also takes care of the sign-in paperwork, ensuring AIA or IDCEC members receive proper credit for presentations they attended. This is a tremendous weight lifted off from both the presenter and the company giving credit for the presentation; everybody wins.

Peter Carey CEU Design is committed to making customers shine and further developing and informing the unique relationship between manufacturer and designer.

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