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Designtex Made to Measure

Designers looking to provide distinctive and compelling installations often find themselves dealing with the constraints of time and budget. The Designtex Made to Measure program provides a solution, facilitating the creation of unique, digitally printed wallcoverings by offering access to a wide-ranging library of curated visual assets. These can be customized in terms of scale, color choice, and combining different versions of the selected design, all through an easy-to-use web-based tool.

The Designtex Made to Measure program’s initial library of visual assets will include thirteen designs from a diverse portfolio of artists, including illustrations, paintings, patterns, and photography, and this library will continue to grow. All of the visual assets are designed to be used for large scale applications, with the correct resolution for high-quality digital printing. The program offers specifiers a high degree of flexibility in how these assets are configured and complete control over the final installation of the digitally printed wallcoverings.

The Designtex Made to Measure program’s web-based tool is highly intuitive—employing click, drag and drop functions that are straightforward to use—making the tool easy to master in a short period of time. After creating their unique composition online, designers can download a PDF of the design. This PDF may be used in presentations and can also be printed out as a spec sheet to be used as the basis for an order submitted to Designtex for fulfillment. In short, the Made to Measure program offers a complete service, from the design tool to the finished, printed product.

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