New Product: The Ceremony Collection by Interface

Interface Ceremony Collection: CE171, CE172, CE173 – Samurai Ashlar

Celebrating Moments of Ritual…

Interface Ceremony Collection: CE173 – Samurai PBT

Inspired by the ceremonies that underpin all aspects of our lives, Interface has created the new Ceremony Collection Skinny Planks, available in three patterns and eight colorways.

Ceremonies usher in new beginnings, celebrate a life well lived, and allow us to be mindful of life’s simplest gifts. Interface’s Ceremony Collection reflects all of the formality and graciousness attendant in moments of ritual with minimalist accents of cream and black in a pure, neutral palette. The fullest of the three styles, CE173, mingles carved layers with uniquely textured yarns to create a complex and luxurious finish, while CE171 is a tribute to clarity and the unadorned aesthetic. Between these two, CE172, marries a bit of the variation of the first with the utter simplicity of the third. Together or alone, these three textures carry a thread of refinement throughout the interior, creating a sense of calm and allowing the highlights of daily ceremonies and celebrations to shine through.

Ceremony Collection is constructed of 100 percent recycled nylon made in part from reclaimed fishing nets via the company’s ambitious social collaboration called Net-Works. When its useful life is through, it can be reclaimed for recycling via Interface’s ReEntry® program. For more information go to

Interface Ceremony Collection: CE172 – Kabuki PBT