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JESCO - Infina Hardwired Installation
Infina Hardwired Installation
JESCO - INFINA Outdoor Hardwired Installation
Outdoor Hardwired Installation
JESCO - INFINA Outdoor Hardwired with conduit connection
Outdoor Hardwired with conduit connection

INFINA Outdoor Hardwired — New Line Voltage, High-Output, Flexible LED Linear System, Encourages Lighting Design Creativity

New Product Introduction:  INFINA Outdoor Hardwired — electrician wired and controlled by a remote switch for myriad outdoor applications.  Operates directly from ordinary 120 line voltage.  No LED drivers or additional power source needed.  INFINA Outdoor Hardwired is an endlessly adaptable, low-profile, high-lumen outdoor linear LED lighting system.

Design:  JESCO Lighting Group design and engineering team.  Line voltage power system by Mag-LED.

Manufacturer JESCO Lighting Group, a U.S. company and employer, founded 1998.

Product Applications:  New  INFINA Outdoor Hardwired adaptable linear LED lighting is a “game-changing” product.  It is a line-voltage system amazingly compact, lightweight and infinitely curvable.  Well suited for a wide-range of creative outdoor installations including hospitality, commercial, institutional, and retail as well as upscale residential.

INFINA Outdoor Hardwired readily conceals in and along doors and windows; natural or manmade outdoor coves, eaves, decks, gazeebos, building staircases, aisles, ramps, along railings and columns; other perimeters and architectural elements.  Anywhere discreet, low-scale, easily adaptable dimmable architectural LED lighting is sought.

Product Description:   INFINA Outdoor Hardwired embodies a state-of-the-art LED system that operates directly from standard 120 line voltage.  A single electric line powers a continuous run of up to 150 feet.  Because no in-line or remote LED drivers are required with the INFINA™ line-voltage system, the weakest link in any low-voltage LED system is now eliminated.  Professional lighting specifiers and their clients are assured a long operating lifetime and low maintenance costs with this JESCO system. They can also expect much lower upfront and installation costs with the elimination of the additional outlet boxes and power supplies required every 20-30 feet in a typical LED strip run.  The longer a specifier or end-client’s LED run, the greater their savings.

JESCO exclusive constant-current LED design where LEDs are embedded within a patent-pending flexible, optically clear thermoplastic jacket provides 50,000 hours or more of operation;  70% or greater lumen maintenance over the  INFINA Outdoor Hardwired lifetime.

INFINA Outdoor Hardwired measures a mere ¾-inch wide by ¼-inch high; has a precise custom cut length in 4 inch increments, and has a maximum run length of 150 feet.  JESCO LEDs employ genuine 3-step MacAdam LEDs for consistent light-color generation and output; they produce ultra-high output of 550 lumens from just 4.95-watts per foot; have a high efficacy of 112 lumens per watt, with a CRI of 80+.  Available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K color temperature choices.   INFINA Outdoor Hardwired is UL rated for interior and exterior applications; c-ETL-us for interior and exterior plug-in applications. Dimmable with an electronic low-voltage dimmer.

An outdoor box is supplied for outdoor hardwire applications and connected with flexible conduit. The entire run is factory prepared to the desired specifications and shipped to the jobsite for quick and easy installation.

A full line of LED accessories, cables and connectors are available to meet design requirements for any installation.   INFINA Outdoor Hardwired has a 5-year factory warranty and is alternatively available as a plug-and-play system.

Construction & Finishes INFINA Outdoor Hardwired is constructed from durable high-temperature, flexible, optically-clear thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

Contact Information:  Learn more about JESCO products and capabilities by visiting:  JESCO Lighting Group’s new architect-designed plant, warehouse and corporate office is located at

15 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington (Long Island), New York 11050.  Telephone: (800) 527-7796.  Fax: (855) 265-5768.  E-mail: