New Printing Options from BuzziSpace

Custom Graphic Printing

BuzziSpace has introduced new printing capabilities to their best seller BuzziSkin. BuzziSkin Printed offers custom print options making the product more adaptable than ever! This new customizable platform allows branding (logo integration) as well as visual capabilities such as shades of the same color, black and white print, fine print and many more. BuzziSkin Printed pairs the necessity of acoustic regulation in the form of an easy to install wall covering.

BuzziSkin is perfect for healthcare facilities, restaurants, schools, retail spaces and offices as it it easy to install + uninstall, provides acoustical solutions, is easy to maintain as well clean.

Whether one is looking to create a decorative print or promotional branding, the sky’s the limit with the new BuzziSkin Printed.

Stock Image of Palm Trees (very on trend)
Left: Custom Image Printing Right: Stock Image of Marble