New Outdoor LED Lighting Options from SONNEMAN

For outdoor entryways, exterior lighting plays a crucial role in not only illuminating the pathway once the sun goes down, but also creating an inviting presence. “How we light the approach on paths and driveways builds anticipation of the encounter with the building and reinforces the sense of place,” says Robert Sonneman, founder of SONNEMAN—A Way of Light.

In response to consumer demand for modern, artfully-inspired designs that could gracefully withstand the elements, Robert Sonneman designed the InsideOut collection, his first foray into outdoor lighting. This dynamic LED lighting collection contains beautifully executed forms of sculptural presence and simplicity that are equally at home for both indoor and outdoor use.

The InsideOut collection was recently updated, further expanding its original design scope and utility to incorporate more than 180 options. The new line includes the debut of Bollards, which adds definition and architectural interest to outdoor walking paths or plant beds. Bollards (shown below) offers a range of finishes and styles, with many available options available for lenses, caps and heights for a variety LED illuminating possibilities.