New from Organic Lighting Systems: liniLED® 2400K Ultra Warm-White LED Light Strips

Organic Lighting - liniLED⌐ 2400K - Radiant Lighting Installation

liniLED® Now Introduces 2400K Ultra-Warm-White Light Strips Top-Power, Side-Power and PCB Models for Indoor or Outdoor Architectural Lighting Solutions

New Product Introduction:  liniLED® 2400K Ultra Warm-White — adaptable LED light strips.  Specification-grade for indoor, outdoor use. In new construction and renovation for commercial, industrial, high-end residential.  Low voltage, low heat, ultra-long-life; dimmable and waterproof.

  • liniLED®2400K Top-Power LED strips are embedded in white and clear co-extrusions and emit top-oriented light for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • liniLED®2400K Side-Power LED strips, also embedded in white and clear co-extrusions, offer side light for indoor and outdoor use in round  and other-shape coves, columns and more.
  • liniLED®2400K PCB are flexible, small-dimension, LED ribbon strips ideal for indoor use in small spaces.

2016.0711.ProdIntro.Organic Lighting - liniLED⌐ 2400KDesign:  Organic Lighting Systems In-House Product Design and Engineering Team.

Manufacturer:  Organic Lighting Systems; exclusively incorporating advanced, highly energy-efficient +/-50 Kelvin LEDs from Osram.

Product Applications:  Compact, lightweight, flexible liniLED® 2400K Ultra Warm-White adaptable LED strips provide functional architectural and decorative linear or curved ultra-warm-white lighting for interior or exterior  applications of all kinds.

liniLED® 2400K Ultra Warm-White strips readily fit in merchandise displays and cabinets, building coves, cornices; vertical or horizontal standard or custom display cases; counters, around baseboards and ceiling moldings; interior, exterior building outlines and columns; rectilinear entrances, outdoor signage, marine and other seasonal all-weather applications.

liniLED® 2400K Ultra Warm-White  readily adapts for long-term use in upscale commercial, institutional, retail and hospitality installations; building lobbies and reception rooms; product showrooms of any size or scale; high-end residential bath rooms, bedrooms, family rooms, foyers and studies.

Product Description:  liniLED® 2400K Ultra Warm-White represents state-of-the-electronic-art in ultra-long life, low-energy consumption and LED flexibility.  Low heat generation from this new family of low-profile, small-scale LED lighting strips make liniLED® 2400K well suited for interior or exterior space-restricted or 24/7 applications, and for heat-sensitive areas.

Stable constant-voltage technology for LED drivers ensures consistent illumination levels.  A complete range of mounting options are available.  Light strips mount end to end for bendable patterns or continuous rows.

Construction & Finishes:  liniLED® 2400K Ultra Warm-White  comprises distinctive white and clear co-extrusions incorporating built-in reflectors.  All light output is uniquely directed depending on model, upward, sideward, or forward, eliminating unwanted, wasteful backlight emissions.

liniLED® 2400K Ultra Warm-White light strips are exceptionally compact.  They measure .5-inches wide by .25-inches high; are extremely flexible, with a bend radius of 1.25 inches.  liniLED® can be specified in runs up to 33 ft. with seven LEDs per cut section, or up to eleven per foot.  LEDs draw a mere 1.4 watts per foot, 95 lumens per watt, 130 lumens per foot.  liniLED® 2400K Ultra Warm-White  is field cuttable every 8 inches.  A plug and play system can be employed indoors or out, has a complete range of accessories, and is dimmable. liniLED® has a five-year factory warranty.

liniLED® 2400K meets UL, CUL, ETL, RoHS and CE standards; has IP40 and IP68 ratings and is lead free.

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