New OFM Website Launched With Enhanced User Experience

OFM, one of the nation’s leading furniture manufacturers and distributors, announced the launch of its new website with an enhanced user experience. First introduced at NeoCon in Chicago in June, the new site offers a more robust search capability allowing customers to find exactly what they need in less time while giving visitors an inside look at the dedicated team behind the scenes at OFM that makes the company a true success. The new site also includes all of the things that OFM has always provided like 360- degree views of its products, real-time stock-check, assembly videos, and even specification sheets.

“OFM’s website has long been ahead of the curve, offering features not commonly seen in the industry,” said Blake Zalcberg, president of OFM. “Everything our dealers and end-users have known to love about our old website is now enhanced through the redesign, which essentially takes what we’ve always done well to a whole new level.”

The website redesign is part of a broader effort by OFM to better showcase its inspiration and the technology behind its furniture. Although OFM sells through a dealer-network, the family-run company is expanding its offering to more everyday furniture that can be used outside of office and educational environments. The website redesign conveys OFM’s new holistic approach to provide furniture solutions for any setting.

Designed by Raleigh-based digital marketing team Walk West, OFM’s new website doesn’t just have better search capabilities, it also features more efficient stock- and order-checking, and an easier way to see the same models in different colors and styles through side-bar filters. Each product page lists related items to help users easily find complete furniture solutions that fit their space and budgets. The site also includes more behind-the scenes information about OFM, including overviews about the team and the individual departments they work in.

OFM says this is just the first launch-phase of the redesign and that a formal dealer login will be available in the full release of the new website in a few weeks. Clients will be able to login, review past invoices, view details on current and previous purchases, and get more information on selling OFM products such as seeing promotions going on for their specific accounts.

“At the end of the day, we are still a family-run company built on family values with a committed group of people and we wanted our new website to truly embrace this,” added Zalcberg. “We wanted to do a better job of making this connection on our website in a more visually enticing way with our customers who have come to love OFM for the personal touch we offer.”

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About OFM

OFM is a family-run furniture manufacturer and distributor headquartered in North Carolina with distribution centers there and in California, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Washington state. For more than twenty years, it has provided affordable and quality furniture through a nationwide dealer network, offering the latest concepts and designs for a variety of markets including home and hospitality, businesses and government, and health care and education. Working with manufacturers in Mexico, Taiwan and China, OFM designs furniture to meet the highest industry standards which are sold through a variety of retailers, mail-order catalogs, and online dealers including Staples, Wayfair, Overstock, and National Business Furniture.

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