New Nevins Rep: Erin Eneboe

Erin Eneboe

Founded in 1979, Nevins is set apart from other furniture manufacturers because of our vast product offering. Our line includes an array of furniture and accessories, which includes: tables, seating, storage & presentation, recycling & waste, planters, and lecture halls.

We recognize the industry is always changing and to succeed, we must constantly adapt. Nevins’ greatest asset is our strong belief in “solutions by choices.” This statement signifies our commitment to flexibility. We can provide attractive and highly competitive solutions for your commercial furniture needs.

With the desire to expand our presence in the Wisconsin market, Nevins welcomes Erin Eneboe from e tu interiors, as our Wisconsin representative. Erin celebrates over 15 years of industry experience. Her desirable attributes include her immense knowledge and experience in the Wisconsin market, and her comprehensive understanding of product. She has a passion for finding the perfect FIT when it comes to design and usability. Her personal approach is “a positive attitude is a key element in anything done well.” That, coupled with her professional understanding of today’s diverse and ever-evolving workplace, make her a perfect partner for Nevins.

Nevins is looking forward to our long term relationship with Erin, and our potential growth in the Wisconsin market.

Erin Eneboe
e tu interiors
Cell: 612-251-8867