New Lakeside Planter from Landscape Forms Expands Lakeside Solutions for Outdoor Settings

Landscape Forms.Lakeside_Planter

2016.0314.ProdIntro.LandscapeForms-LakesideLandscape Forms is pleased to introduce the Lakeside Planter, a fresh new addition to the popular line of site elements designed by award-winning architect, Margaret McCurry. The planter joins Lakeside benches and litters to expand Landscape Forms’ functional and design solutions for outdoor environments. McCurry is a founding partner of Tigerman McCurry Architects and a master practitioner of vernacular design. “Margaret McCurry’s work is pure Americana,” says Landscape Forms President, Richard Heriford. “The Lakeside Planter is just so beautifully simple. It has truth in materials and function, and the color liner is a real inspiration. We like to have a variety of aesthetic expressions in our portfolio and this is our contribution to genuine American design.”

Lakeside is inspired by familiar themes in nature, architecture and historic design. Alongside Lakeside benches and litter receptacles, it is ideally suited to settings ranging from village greens and small-town parks, to resorts, waterfront developments and college campuses. The planter has a simple cylinder shell, 36” in diameter and 23” high, made of 10-gauge rolled sheet steel and a robust roto-molded liner. A flat 11/2” steel lip welded around the top perimeter of the shell covers the edge of the liner and provides a refined design detail. The shell provides structure and a surface for decorative patterns incised by state-of-the-art plasma-cutting technology. Standard patterns of graceful grasses or falling leaves offer whimsical reflections of the environment. Special patterns can be created, providing unique opportunities to customize Lakeside for signature applications.

McCurry spiced up the visual language for the Lakeside Planter with boldly colored liners that show through the cut patterns and in the 3” reveal between the base of the liner and the bottom edge of the cylinder. Molded liners are offered in sky blue, grass green, daisy yellow and black. In addition to its primary function the liner serves as a foot, enabling the planter to be moved along the ground without damaging the metal. Painted shells are offered in the full Landscape Forms color palette. The Lakeside Planter is manufactured of steel containing recycled content and is finished with Landscape Forms proprietary Pangard II™ HAP and VOC-free polyester powdercoat. The liner is molded LMDP (liner medium density polyethylene) and is 100% recyclable.

About Landscape Forms

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