New in conversation seating: the Hémicycle range by Philippe Nigro for Ligne Roset

Bringing modern meaning to conversation seating, the Hémicycle collection is the latest design by Philippe Nigro for Ligne Roset, in collaboration with Moblier Nationale, an organization under the French Ministry of Culture to embody French design at the point of innovation.

Launching now, Hémicycle brings together a passion for research and a respect for tradition. The collection is not only great conversation seating, but also a conversation starter.

Below is more information, including the design inspiration and an original sketch from Philippe Nigro:

Hémicycle – A French word meaning ‘semi-circle,’ it is named for the shape of the armchair. That same shape is mirrored and echoed in the S-shaped conversation chair and 2-seater styles.

Inspired by historic French seating, Nigro took particular interest in resurrecting a ‘forgotten’ piece in contemporary furniture: the tête-à-tête, symbolic of the Second Empire. Directly translating to ‘head-to-head’ this piece of furniture is meant for private conversations, where two can communicate with eye contact and without turning their heads.

Beneath its non-conformist demeanor, it offers the undeniable characteristics of comfort, innovation, conviviality and elegance. The common trait seen throughout the collection is its compactness, which allows it to respond to the constraints of smaller spaces, while still making an impact on the overall design aesthetic and use of a room.