New from Hightower: Nest Easy XL & Sofa and Award-Winning Nest System Table

Introducing three new designs to the ever-popular Nest series: Nest System Tables, Nest Easy Sofa, and Nest Easy XL. Developed by Swedish design powerhouse Form Us With Love, each piece is created with the intention to adapt to the ever-changing needs of real people.

The Nest System Tables’ three part construction allows the table to shrink or grow according to your needs. The height of the Nest Easy Sofa creates an informal and accessible space within a room especially when paired with other Nest products. Finally, the Nest Easy XL’s high profile offers just the right amount of seclusion in open environments. Learn more about this distinct series below.

Nest System Tables


Recipient of the 2019 HiP and Metropolis Likes Awards, Nest System Tables feature a locking, tubular solution, which joins together a growing, even swaying loop or endlessly configured table. In this way, the system has the opportunity to answer future needs – stability plus the ability to scale up or down as needed.

Nest System Table components

Nest Easy XL & Nest Easy Sofa

Following the popularity of the Nest Easy Lounge, it was clear there was a need for additional pieces that contribute to happy, comfortable and functional environments. The extension of the lounge collection into the Nest Easy Sofa, Nest Easy XL and Nest Cushions fulfill this need and answer the call for additional private yet collaborative spaces.

Switch Up The Base

Nest Easy Sofa & Nest Easy XL are offered in either black powder coated or soaped oak wood base options.

Discover Nest Easy XL

Add Nest Cushions

Available in two sizes, the optional Nest Cushions are the perfect companion to the Nest Easy Collection adding style and comfort.

Discover Nest Easy Sofa & Cushions

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