New from HBF Textiles: Matriarch

In Your Skin: Matriarch

Expanding on the successful launch of the In Your Skin collection by Erin Ruby, HBF Textiles is excited to announce the addition of Matriarch, a twill weave with strong, bold, color combinations that evoke the wisdom that comes with age and experience.

A timely and refreshing woven fabric collection, In Your Skin celebrates being comfortable in your own skin. Inspired by the human experience and the ephemeral nature of life, the collection encapsulates a respectful awareness of the transience of all things, which heightens our appreciation of their beauty.

The initial collection debuted in 2022 with five sensorial textiles – each with its own unique name to match its pattern. Chubby Baby is a soft and smushy matelassé tufted in a way that mimics the scrumptious arm rolls of a baby. Goosebumps is a nubby wool texture that feels like a warm hug. Laugh Lines mimics the well-loved lines we celebrate with this joyful casual stripe pattern. Stardust is a reflection on the vastness of the cosmos and our small part in it. And Tattoo Toile is a modern play on the traditional Toile de Juoy, incorporating floral and hummingbird motifs common in tattoos.

Launching in Q1 2023 and rounding out the collection is Matriarch, the newest addition with the most appropriate name. Matriarch is a twill weave with strong, bold, color combinations that evoke the wisdom that comes with age and experience.

In Your Skin Collection: Initial 2022 Launch
In Your Skin: Matriarch

Several patterns are created by amplifying bold textures, while others can be easily blended with other finishes and materials. Laugh Lines’ subtle linear slub yarn looks and feels like a handwoven blanket, while the Matriarch’s twill blends bold complementary colored yarns to create a subtle melange and beautiful moire effect. And Stardust’s tweed texture randomizes bright accents that emulate a starry night sky. Together, they create a refreshing, cohesive collection that celebrates being comfortable in your own skin.

Produced in 46 colorways, each piece has an incredibly tactile and handmade quality, with performance attributes as a plus. The beauty of the collection is that it looks like a residential product and yet has the durability for contract and hospitality environments. Each of the fabrics in the collection are certified Indoor Advantage Gold (SCS), woven and manufactured in the United States with wool locally sourced from the Midwest, and most of the patterns are manufactured using post-consumer and/or recycled materials.

The collection marks Ruby’s third collaboration with HBF Textiles and the 20th anniversary of the ‘Stitch’ collection (2002) which she co-designed while she worked at TVS Design in Atlanta. “It was completely synchronistic that I would collaborate with HBF Textiles since my first firm, TVS Design in Atlanta,” says Ruby. “I realize how rare this is and am so grateful for having a longstanding relationship with HBF Textiles, built on trust and shared appreciation for the work. And I am excited about everything in this collection! It was holistically designed to be layered and coordinated beautifully together, but also to have each pattern stand on its own. Sometimes contract textiles can tend toward being cold or lifeless for pragmatic reasons, but this collection is so warm and tactile even with its high performance functionality. It’s full of life – imbued with optimism and aspiration, which I think will resonate within a space.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Erin on a third collection for HBF Textiles, with our first collection debuting 20 years ago,” says Mary Jo Miller, Vice President of Design and Creative Direction at HBF Textiles. “In Your Skin truly showcases Erin’s strengths as a creative. She maintains a sophisticated color palette, weaves in meaningful stories to showcase her inspiration, and executes her vision by minding the smallest of details. This will be a classic HBF Textiles collection for years to come.”

The collaboration continues HBF Textiles’ focus on the hand of the maker and its commitment to supporting women-owned businesses. “I love promoting talented female designers. It gives me a sense of pride to utilize the HBF Textiles platform to share their story and creative vision to a wider audience,” says Miller.

All six patterns from the In Your Skin collection are now available online and through HBF showrooms.

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About Erin Ruby

Erin Ruby, CID, IIDA is the founder of Erin Ruby Design LLC, a multidisciplinary practice based in New York, which specializes in product design, strategy and commercial interiors. The fundamental philosophy of her studio is a human-centered, participatory design process which expands the role of designer as facilitator rather than expert. Ruby has built a vast portfolio through her own practice as well as having worked for some of the most distinguished firms in the country; TVS Design in Atlanta, TPG Architecture, and Studios in New York, where she led projects for Interface, Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal, Orrick, The Johnson Company, and IMG Worldwide. Her product collaborations with international and US based manufacturers Tuohy, HALCON, HBF Textiles, Decca, Gunlocke, MCONTRAST and Johanson have garnered numerous accolades, publications and Best of Neocon Awards.

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