New from Flos – Skynest Motion & Skynest Ceiling

Flos’s Skynest, known for its hypnotic, woven take on light, is now available in two brand new configurations. Skynest Motion and Skynest Ceiling are the two newest additions to the magical Skynest family, dreamt up in collaboration with Marcel Wanders.

Skynest is an unexpected light with a captivating effect – LED strips pass through recycled and recyclable woven polyester fabric tubes mimicking a basket-like pattern, creating a sophisticated, floating optical illusion. When turned on, the light source shines through the weaves, illuminating downward with an ethereal glow.

Skynest Motion is distinguished by its levitating appearance, suspended in the air with the help of a stem so thin, it is nearly invisible. This stem, which holds the lamp in an elegant mid-air balance, is attached to the ceiling and stretched towards the floor by a counterweight, seamlessly blending into interior settings.

Skynest Ceiling is the cordless, ceiling-mounted version of Skynest, ideal rooms with low ceilings – emitting uniform, warm light without sacrificing style. When sitting flush against a ceiling, Skynest is delicate while also impressive, lending charm to cultivate an intimate and cozy environment.

Skynest Motion and Skynest Ceiling are designed for sustainability and meant to be appreciated as works of art – whether on or off. Available in four colors: Anthracite, Almond, Brick Red, and Blue Tourmaline.


© Consiglio Manni

Skynest Motion, the masterpiece that floats thanks to an invisible stem

In its Motion version, Skynest seems to float in the air in an elegant balance, supported by a stem that matches the colours of the lampshades. The stem, attached to the ceiling and stretched towards the floor by a counterweight, is almost invisible due to its minimal thickness.

The pendant dome is height-adjustable thanks to the power cable that runs inside a painted steel channel, which is attached to a cable that is also made of steel. After adjusting the height, the suspension cable is locked to the counterweight on the ground via a special clamp. The dome also has an integrated balancing system at the top, which allows adjustments to make the lamp perfectly stable.

Using twist-lock connectors, the luminaire is equipped with a plug-in power supply with interchangeable plugs and a foot dimmer.

© Consiglio Manni

Skynest Ceiling, a natural sophistication for intimate settings

Ceiling is the cordless ceiling-mounted version of Skynest, ideal for rooms with particularly low ceilings, where uniform, warm light is required.

The light dome includes the canopy and attaches directly to the ceiling fitting with a simple 90° rotation thanks to a T-shaped pin that supports the entire luminaire. Delicate while also impressive, Skynest Ceiling lends a special charm to intimate and cozy environments like a work of art to be appreciated in its natural sophistication.