New from Encore: Faction Executive and Task Collection Designed by 5d Studio

Encore’s New Faction Series is All About the Details

As Encore’s newest collection of executive and task seating, Faction is characterized by upscale design elements and discreet internal mechanisms that make it as supportive as it is stylish.

Product designers David Ritch and Mark Saffell of 5d Studio lent their creative expertise to envision a smart, versatile chair equally suited for executive offices, meeting rooms or workstations. Visually, Faction is distinguished by a sculpted, curvilinear back that blends seamlessly with the arms for a clean, refined look without the typical knobs and levers to distract the eye. Functionally, the collection’s weight-activated mechanism automatically adjusts to different body types and regulates the force needed to recline to provide continuous support, making it exceptionally user-friendly and incredibly comfortable. A synchro-tilt mechanism is also available on select models that allows users to recline while keeping their feet on the floor to encourage movement and readily adapt to varied seating positions.

Faction’s distinctive back is available in both mid- and high-back executive/conference styles and features upholstered stitch detailing that lends a hand-crafted feel. Its signature polished aluminum cantilever and loop arms integrate with the back to move simultaneously when reclining, while at the same time providing an elegant aesthetic. Task models are offered in similar mid-back iterations with adjustable t-arms in black or chrome trim to match base finish selections.

“We’re enthusiastic about this new series,” says Casey Journigan, Encore President. “Its minimalist design is the perfect counterbalance to the collection’s range of options that offer a tremendous amount of versatility, all while keeping the end user’s comfort in mind.”

With its meticulously tailored aesthetic and impressive lineup of options, Faction is a study in the interplay between form and function, and a welcome reminder that it’s all about the details.

About Encore:

Raising the benchmark in design, comfort and quality, Encore is a leading provider of contemporary options- oriented seating and table products for a host of applications, ranging from corporate offices to educational institutions, hospitality, healthcare facilities and more.

With a focus on flexibility and personalized attention, Encore strives to provide innovative solutions for ever-changing requirements and deliver outstanding service for customers every time, offering extensive customization capabilities, a comprehensive Quick-Ship program, as well as partnerships with some of the most widely recognized textile manufacturers in the industry.

Sharing strong organizational ties to parent company, Arcadia, they are able to draw upon an established knowledge base of product design, engineering, sales and service, all the while maintaining competitive pricing and a comprehensive warranty on all products. An assured manufacturing capability, enduring commitment to new product development and responsive approach to customer service have solidified Encore’s reputation as a leader in the contract furniture market.

Encore is an Arcadia company.

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