New from Arc-Com: Urban Muse Collection

The Arc-Com Design Studio was inspired by the ideas surrounding how existing urban structures and spaces can be transformed and repurposed to address environmental and social concerns.

Urban Muse – Infrastructure

Projects like the High Line in New York, the Belt Line in Atlanta, and Barcelona’s proposed “Superblocks” are good examples of a newer way of people moving through urban spaces. These projects seek to transform traffic patterns to be less “car centric” with the intent of giving pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transport users the same priority as motorists—resulting in positive impacts on public health as well as the environment.

There is a heightened awareness of the need to be connected to the natural environment for health and happiness, and this is reflected in projects that seek to incorporate natural elements.  The integration of green spaces, both indoors and outside in urban settings, is increasingly being implemented in impressive new ways.  The Urban Muse Collection seeks to visually capture some of the ideas and projects that are influencing modern urban planning.  Comprised of three patterns; Infrastructure, Evolution, and Transform, this dynamic, color coordinated group offers sophisticated style, high performance, and the ability to be cleaned with bleach.


Pattern Infrastructure finds its inspiration in the imagery associated with the redesign of gridlocked streets to reduce the primacy of private cars. The strategies for giving people new ways to reach destinations and be active on foot, by bike, and by other non-motorized modes can take different shapes.  Pattern Infrastructure’s winding and connected grid-like structure is reminiscent of city blocks and garden layouts and is a nod to the importance of the connection between ecological systems and public infrastructure.


Pattern Evolution is a stylistic nod to the transformation of urban surfaces. This pattern’s stable linear grid provides a framework for the shifting colors and textures beneath—not unlike the architectural framework that is transformed through the integration of plant-based materials.


Pattern Transform rounds out the collection offering a value priced, wool-like, solid coordinate that supports the collections color story.

Included in the color palette for this collection is a range of concrete city greys, soft pink- cast neutrals, as well as brighter jewel tones, and earthy blue/greens.

All three patterns are manufactured with bleach cleanable polyester, have been tested to Wyzenbeek 100,000 double rubs and come stocked with a Stain Resistant finish.