New from Arc-Com: Pattern Seville

The Arc-Com Design Studio offers up a classic, mid-scale, decorative textile with the addition of pattern Seville.

Pattern Seville finds its inspiration from The Alcázar of Seville, a royal palace located in Seville, Spain. The palace is a well-known example of the Mudéjar architectural style that emerged in the 12th Century on the Iberian Peninsula and also features Gothic, Renaissance, and Romanesque design elements from various stages of its construction. This unique blend of structural styles co-exists with Islamic/Moorish influenced decoration and ornamentation scattered throughout the space.

Pattern Seville draws upon the Alcázar’s rich architectural history to create a simple, modern framework reminiscent of its varied structural patterning.

The 12-color palette for pattern Seville includes a broad range of neutrals as well as a modern selection of hospitality brights.

Stocked with the Crypton stain resist and moisture barrier finish, this bleach cleanable highly durable, versatile, decorative pattern can be used effectively in virtually any high traffic interior setting!