New from Arc-Com: Pattern Samsara

The Arc-Com Design Studio introduces a lovely, stylized botanical with the introduction of pattern Samsara.

A simple and graphic interpretation of a budding lotus flower provides the framework for this delicate design. Pattern Samsara’s circular layout strikes a pleasing balance between organic and geometric. Structural weave changes add a graceful textured movement to this textile’s surface.

In Buddhism, a lotus flower is a symbol of purity and reflects a person’s spiritual journey. The beginnings of the course of life of a Lotus have been compared to Samsara, which is a fundamental concept in Hinduism, Buddhism, and other eastern religions that is linked to the karma theory and refers to the belief that all living beings cyclically go through births and rebirths. The circular design layout of pattern Samsara visually reinforces this cyclical concept.

The eleven-color palette for pattern Samsara includes a misty blue, a foggy grey, a mallard green, a persimmon orange, and an alabaster neutral.

Pattern Samsara is bleach cleanable, and it is stocked with the Crypton stain resistant moisture barrier finish.

This perfectly scaled, organic, performance driven pattern will work as a coordinate or as a standalone in any transitional interior space!