New from Arc-Com: Pattern Rio

The Arc-Com Design Studio introduces a striking, super colorful, small-scale stripe with the addition of Pattern Rio.

Pattern Rio’s intricate stripe layout combines random color placement with varying widths to create a rhythmic sense of movement. Each colorway in the palette includes a combination of twelve different weft colors. The colors in each layout were carefully chosen to complement one another, and to create an overall sense of harmony within each colorway.

The color combinations were inspired by the sights and endless natural beauty of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most visited cities in the Southern Hemisphere. Carnival, Samba, Bassa Nova and the Balneario beaches provided a cacophony of color combination ideas!

From the bright and vibrant colors of Carnival to the more subdued color of Rio’s sun kissed beaches, pattern Rio’s 15-color palette has something for everyone!

Pattern Rio is constructed with a bleach cleanable polyester/nylon yarn combination and has been tested out to 120,000 DR, making it suitable for high traffic areas.

So much fun to combine with all of Arc-Com’s supporting solids and textures, this vivacious, colorful, high-performance stripe is true cause for celebration!