New Designtex Website Foregrounds Material Transparency and Knowledge Leadership

Designtex.Website Homepage

Designtex is proud to announce the launch of its redesigned website ( with a variety of advanced features, including improved interactive capabilities and informative “pop-up” tools for architects, designers, facility managers and more.

In its ongoing mission to educate designers about materials and to demystify technical terminology, Designtex’s new website innovates by bringing to the foreground detailed product information that is usually relegated to the background. On each product page, clickable pop-up tool tips provide definitions of complex terminology and unpack brand names, offering customers clear and concise information to assist in product selection. Replacing jargon with straightforward everyday language, these pop-ups reflect Designtex’s commitment to sharing knowledge about its products and manufacturing processes in a transparent manner.

A second key feature of the new website is the inclusion of extensive filter options, allowing visitors to refine their search according to multiple criteria, such as material content, aesthetics (color family, pattern type, etc.), or technical and performance characteristics (cleaning, abrasion testing, etc). Most notably, the new website includes significantly enhanced filtering options to facilitate assembling a short list of products that meet particular sustainability credentials. Products may be selected according to their relevant Standards and Certifications (Cradle to Cradle, Facts, SCS Indoor Advantage, etc.), whether they fulfill LEED criteria (containing rapidly renewable materials or recycled content) or meet the definition of Optimized Chemistry, for example by avoiding certain chemicals in their content (being free of phthalates or using only non- halogenated flame retardants) or in their post-installation maintenance (where a carefully established cleaning protocol replaces perfluorinated stain-resistant finishes). In sum, the new fine-grained filter options allow for a more customized and comprehensive search.

Other new features include the option of creating a personal account, allowing customers to order free samples, view and track orders, and also to set up project pages where favorite products can be collected and saved in order to be easily referenced and shared with co-workers, team members and clients. Ongoing favorite features—such as the “Resources” page, listing a line-up of continuing education classes along with installation and maintenance handbooks, warranty information and more—have been retained with an updated aesthetic.

In the words of Susan Lyons, President of Designtex, “We believe transparency about all we do is an obligation for any company designing and manufacturing products today. We hope that our new website provides our clients with a fun and informative platform to explore the exciting materials and surface solutions that we have to offer.”

About Designtex

 Designtex is the leading company in the development, design, and manufacturing of applied materials for the built environment. Designtex is a recognized innovator in the research and development of textiles, wallcoverings, and digitally imaged materials with reduced environmental impact. A Steelcase company, Designtex is headquartered in New York City with over 100 sales offices around the world. For more information call 800 221 1540 or visit