New COLOR MUSE Device and Mobile App Provides Revolutionary Option for Exact Color Matching and Accurate Product Sourcing

Variable Inc.COLOR MUSE

Users Can Save, Organize and Share Color Inspiration and Corresponding Products Instantly and Effortlessly

Designers now have a new digital resource that revolutionizes and accelerates the way color inspiration and product specification can be managed, organized and shared. Introduced today, COLOR MUSE is a new low-cost mobile color scanning system that saves designers and other industry professionals valuable time by streamlining and digitizing many of the manual and time-intensive activities associated with the interior design process. As a digital mobile tool, COLOR MUSE also allows for capturing color inspiration when and where it strikes.

The COLOR MUSE system consists of a small hand-held technologically advanced scanning device and a downloadable app that works on iOS and Android smart phones and tablet devices.

Research shows that color is a significant force in driving emotional and physical well-being. It is also a major factor in purchasing decisions; according to an article in the Journal of Genetic Psychology, “color accounts for 85 percent of the reason why someone decides to purchase a product.”

With color such an important aspect of a designer’s trade, COLOR MUSE’s near-perfect matching capability means there is no misinterpretation of color between designer and client. This saves valuable time in the design process, which can include ordering and waiting for unnecessary product samples; traveling to and from client meetings to finalize color palette schemes; or spending countless hours sifting through materials in a product library, to name a few.

Additionally, COLOR MUSE’s robust app – with nearly half a million products to choose from – saves designers even more time. For example, designers can quickly and effortlessly cross-reference brands; organize products; file color ideas; view room scenes with their color palettes; and integrate files to their design software. Users can easily share colors and files with clients, colleagues and friends through social media platforms. Likewise, inspirational images found on Instagram, Pinterest or elsewhere can be easily integrated into a user’s COLOR MUSE app. The app even connects users directly to manufacturers or approved vendors where purchases can be made.

COLOR MUSE Device –About the size of a 35mm film canister, the COLOR MUSE device sets itself apart through its advanced sensor system. The device contains its own built-in light source, while blocking out ambient light. It also contains an industrial detector that mimics the way humans see color. The device can detect and create a near-perfect color match from any material, whether it be carpet, stucco, brick, plastic, or even a leaf. No smart phone in the marketplace today can duplicate the device’s color matching capability.

COLOR MUSE App –Unlike other color apps in the marketplace today, most of which only show a manufacturer’s product catalog, the COLOR MUSE app enables users to find 1 million-plus products spanning virtually every conceivable interior product category. The app includes products from 400 brands across 14 different categories ranging from carpet, glass and textiles, to window treatments, fabrics and paint. Some of the notable brands available on the app include: AmericanTile®, Benjamin Moore®, Garrett Leather®, Interface®, Koroseal®, Maharam®, Shaw®, Sunbrella®, Textus® and Wilsonart®. New products are automatically updated to the app, adding to the ever-increasing product library. Moreover, many of today’s color-based apps are designed to work with smart phones, which only capture photos with RGB colors, thus creating inaccurate color matches.

COLOR MUSE Usage –After pressing the “wake” button on the handheld device, opening the app and connecting via Bluetooth®, users simply place the device directly on the inspiration element and the color result instantly appears in the app. From there, users can select any number of actions, including matching that color to a product category, or matching that color to a specific brand to see all the products from that brand in that color.

“COLOR MUSE really is a game-changer for designers and other professionals in the commercial or residential building industries,” said George Yu, CEO and founder of Variable Inc., the maker of COLOR MUSE. “COLOR MUSE is not meant to replace the importance touching, feeling and seeing product in-person. But, COLOR MUSE can significantly reduce many of today’s manual processes that can be time-consuming and cumbersome. We think designers today, and certainly the up-and-coming generation of designers, will immediately see all the benefits COLOR MUSE has to offer.”

COLOR MUSE Purchase –Interior designers and others can purchase the handheld device for $49.00 (not including tax and shipping) at The app is free and can be downloaded at or the iOS App or Google Play Stores.

About Variable Inc.

COLOR MUSE is designed and manufactured by Variable Inc., a leading developer of color sensor systems and related mobile applications. Founded in 2012, Variable provides a new and more precise way to collect and share color inspiration, find corresponding product and much more. Marrying leading-edge patented technology, Variable helps professionals and DIY’ers alike streamline and accelerate multiple steps in residential and commercial design processes, saving them valuable time and money. The brainchild of former NASA engineer George Yu, Variable employs a team of 15 engineers and designers and is based in Chattanooga, Tenn. More information is available at