New Book Marks Paradigm Shift in Understanding & Application of Colour Psychology

Calling on over three decades of pioneering research by leading colour psychology consultant and colour trends forecaster, June McLeod, ‘Colour Psychology Today’ redefines how colour impacts individuals and businesses. One critic recently wrote, “From the building blocks about colour through to practical exercises and for use as an individual through to using as a brand, there is something for everyone no matter what your interest is”.

To most, the understanding of colour doesn’t extend beyond wardrobe combinations or casual home furnishings. However, as June McLeod continues to break ground in, following thirty years as a colour psychology consultant, those seemingly simple shades have a bold and profound impact on just about every facet of society.

In her ground-breaking new book, ‘Colour Psychology Today’, McLeod simplifies her research so anyone in a creative field (or with an acute interest in psychology) can discover how colour is the backbone of their boundless freedom and success.


Colour Psychology Today reveals new colour psychology information that comes from the author’s pioneering research and studies on colour. The book discloses unique knowledge on how colour psychology impacts on the business world and the individual, borne out of the author’s extensive work as a colour consultant and trainer that spans more than thirty years. Colour Psychology Today is unlike any other colour psychology book available. It is a ‘must have’ for colour enthusiasts, branding experts, marketeers, advertising execs, graphic designers, and anyone who would like to expand and develop the application of colour in their field of work.

“This volume goes beyond what most would associate with colour psychology, to discover how it influences every area of our lives,” explains the author, who has worked as a consultant for companies including L’Oreal, Royal Parks and Angels at Play nursery chain. “It’s understanding forms a leading and often-untapped tool anyone in business or a creative field can deploy to influence people in ways they didn’t know possible. That understanding all begins with this book.”

Continuing, “But it’s also for the new design student who wants to ensure they are considering colour psychology from the infancy of their understanding, as well as a book for psychology/human behaviour professionals looking to expand their horizons in an impactful area they may never have before considered. It’s powerful to say the very least.”

Early reviews have been extremely positive. For example, Dawn Weller comments, “This is a fascinating, brilliant and inspiring book. It covers a wide array of subjects ranging from how the colour of your kitchen, bedlinen and clothing affects you, to the significance of colour in different cultures and how colour can have a positive or detrimental effect on business, amongst many other things. June McLeod’s passion for colour is evident throughout this book and the abundance of information is testament to her generosity and desire to share her knowledge as widely as possible. Highly recommended.”

S. Cleugh adds, “Highly recommended.A very good informative book with everything you could possibly want to know about colour and how it can transform your life.”

M.K. writes, “This is an amazing book, packed full with fascinating information and very inspiring. It has opened my eyes to the power of colour in our lives, and gives clear guidance on how to use it in daily and also corporate life. This is a great book, truly life enhancing.”

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About the Author:

June McLeod is a colour consultant, colour-trends forecaster, intuitive, motivational trainer and author. With an esteemed colour career spanning more than thirty years, June’s dynamic and innovative work with colour is legendary. She is an original thinker with an international client base that reflects her substantial knowledge and continuing success.