New Arc-Com Wall Surface Pattern: Elysium

Elysium is a proprietary, contemporary geometric embossing design comprised of hexagonal shaped elements, with a crisp, tailored vertical thread-like background.  Elysium is a fine, sophisticated embossing design, reminiscent of many of the LENTICULAR designs so very popular in the market today.

Elysium is appropriate for a cross market appeal in both public spaces and interior uses in corporate, hospitality, and high volume use.   Elysium is offered in an array of 18 sophisticated and dusky colorations ranging from neutral shades, harmonious, chromatic grays, soft hues of green and blue, to bold and exotic accent tones.

Elysium is a Base Printed, Embossed and Tip-Printed design, providing a subtly sophisticated blending of color hues, making this pattern a unique wall surface treatment.  Elysium captures depth and dimension through this unique decorative base print, emboss, and tip print ink application technique.  Elysium provides a stunning and handsome wall surface treatment that is applicable to many market segments.

Elysium is produced on a Type II, 24 oz. Vinyl Composition to capture the fine detail and nuances of this embossing design.  Elysium is manufactured on Recycled PCO Backing (10% Post Consumer Recycled Content) and printed with water-based inks in a low VOC composition.