New Arc-Com Upholstery Pattern: Shift

The Arc-Com Design Studio executes a glorious study in color transformation with the introduction of pattern Shift.

Comprised of small squares, a dramatic 40 inch vertical repeat allows for the subtle morphing of one color shade to the next and back again.  This visually slow transition from color to color creates a soft undulating sense of movement that is both pleasing to the eye and unique to a space.

Shift explores seven colorways that become visually fascinating in their shade and hue transformations.  The colorways include orange to red; blue to teal; purple to blue; yellow to orange; grey to blue, yellow to green; and grey to neutral.

The vibrancy found in each combination of Shift is achieved through the dying process of the natural cotton and rayon fill yarns.

Tested to 145,000 double rubs and stocked with a stain resist finish, Shift offers performance as well as a truly unique and beautiful way for designers to integrate color into their spaces.

Pattern: Shift

Content: 57% Cotton, 24% Rayon, 19% Nylon

Finish/Backing: Stain Resistant Finish, Acrylic Backing