New Arc-Com Pattern: Glinda

The Arc-Com design studio looked to botanicals for inspiration for its newest bleach cleanable, large scale, organic design introduction -Pattern Glinda.

The beautiful flowering poppy plant was the muse for this modern floral.  The use of an angular silhouette and a chunky weave structure gives pattern Glinda a hand-stitched flavor with a contemporary feel.

The pattern’s name references the beloved tale of, “The Wizard of Oz.” Glinda, the Good Witch, heard the pleas of Dorothy and friends when they became trapped in the poppy fields. Glinda helped them by using her magic wand to make it magically snow, causing the effect of the beautiful poppies to be neutralized.

Though the ground area of pattern Glinda has a wool-like feel to it, this textile is manufactured from 100% bleach cleanable polyester. This, coupled with a 150,000 DR test result, means pattern Glinda is an appropriate choice for any heavy traffic area.

The nine sku palette includes a range of neutrals as well earthy tones with a pop of color.

Not unlike Dorothy and friends, designers will be mesmerized by this gorgeous, modern, performance floral!