New anti-COVID treatment for nanimarquina rugs

Creating healthy spaces  

Once again, nanimarquina demonstrates their capacity for innovation by developing a new microtechnology anti-COVID treatment for their rugs. Compatible with all rug models, the great biocidal power of the new treatment ensures that all nanimarquina rugs are hygienic, in accordance with the new reality of our society and the need to generate healthy spaces.

The results obtained from tests carried out by independent laboratories show the great effectiveness of the treatment against a wide variety of bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition, the components of this treatment are respectful of the environment, harmless for people and pets, and endorsed by the CSIC (Higher Council for Scientific Research of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation).

The viricidal efficacy against COVID-19 is tested under the international standard ISO 18184:2019, which requires that the activity of the virus be reduced by 90% in the first hour. The results obtained for this anti-COVID treatment on nanimarquina rugs far exceed that figure, reducing activity by 97.77% in the first hour.

The bactericidal efficacy of the treatment is tested under the international standard ASTM E2149-01, obtaining reductions of 99.9% against a wide spectrum of bacteria.

Now available, this new treatment maintains the inherent properties of the rug fibers and is highly resistant to daily maintenance and various washes. The test results show a 2-year protection maintenance.

In this manner, nanimarquina widens their range of services with additional treatments that extend the life of their products and improve our surroundings. It is possible to combine different treatments and also to renew treatments over time. More information on available treatments can be found here.

nanimarquina’s passion arises from the conviction that rugs create better and healthier spaces. The use of rugs presents specific health and living benefits:

  1. Rugs act as a natural filter, trapping allergy-causing dust particles and thus improving breathing.
  2. They provide natural thermal insulation due to the composition of their fibers.
  3. Acoustic insulation due to their density, which absorbs sounds and reduces noise levels.
  4. Rugs provide tread comfort as a safe and non-slip surface. In addition, they soften the visual impact of colour and light in a room.
  5. The high quality and solidity of the dyes used in nanimarquina rugs present low toxicity.
  6. They reduce static electricity.