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Check out our new Arbor animation

Join us for a quick look at our Arbor reconfigurable multipurpose tables removable leg design and remarkable storage capacity.


Arbor multipurpose room tables are renowned for their removable legs and compact storage. Available in a variety of materials, edges, sizes and leg styles, Arbors easily reconfigure, provide superior leg room and store in compact, upright carts. When quality and compact storage are priorities, the Arbor is your choice. (Also available in folding and tilting T-base models.) More about Arbors

Patent-pending Summit tilt-top conference tables are set on casters to easily reconfigure within a room or from room-to-room. ETL DaisyLink technology is provided to quickly connect tables with fewer floor cores required. Available in square and trapezoid base designs, Summits stand apart for their high-quality look and materials, including the availability of lightweight stone tabletops. More about Summits

Summit bridge
Summits have been used in every room from the café to the boardroom. One unique use is the Summit bridge design, which places Summits between two fixed tables. One fixed tabletop slides a couple of inches to access the Summits. Move the Summits to engage an operable wall and create two meeting spaces or leave the Summits in place for one long meeting table fit for the boardroom. The Summit bridge


Get inspired
View some our past Arbor projects. The diversity might surprise you.
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Could this engineering marvel be right for you?
Get inspired by some our outstanding Summit projects.
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Tables, credenzas and more
Take a look at some of our more recent custom work. It’s sure to impress.



The evolution of a furniture manufacturer
CEO John Wall reflects on the outstanding growth of WallGoldfinger’s product lines while still creating diverse custom work:

Product lines and custom – finding a balance

For decades we were known for our custom corporate furniture, namely big boardroom tables for big name companies and government officials. In more recent decades we’ve added product lines, specifically the Arbor and the Summit. We tell you a bit about each in this month’s newsletter and share our new Arbor animation.

Over the years the Arbor and Summit have improved and each year it feels like we build more and more of these popular reconfigurable multipurpose and conference room tables. As we get ready to launch our Engage and Fuse fixed conference table lines in the next couple of months, we couldn’t help but wonder how many Arbors and Summits we were really building. At the end of last year we took a tally and found that the two lines made up 30 percent of our orders in 2016.

As the developers of two new lines, that’s encouraging news. We love the feedback we get on these tables from designers and users alike and we love that we get to mix these lines with larger, more complex custom products.

Many manufacturers just focus on product lines one can practically order from a website. At one point I recall being told that there wasn’t going to be room for custom in the industry. Instead we find ourselves in a position of being able to both help clients looking for those training tables and able to build the big boardroom tables, custom reception desks and one-of-a-kind engineering feats. That puts us in a unique position in the marketplace and makes for a creative work environment. We’re not a production line. We’re high-tech, highly skilled designers and crafters.

Our custom photo collage in this month’s newsletter shows just a snapshot of the work leaving our factory. As snapshots go, it’s a pretty impressive one.

Who does this fine work? Why it is the crew shown above – an unmatched group I’m thrilled to call colleagues whether they’re building a 30″ x 60″ Arbor table or this 43-foot boardroom table.

John Wall



WallGoldfinger produces the world’s finest corporate office furniture. From custom boardroom and conference tables, lecterns and credenzas to meticulously-crafted product lines, WallGoldfinger’s furniture is designed with state-of-the-art, integrated technology solutions, responsibly sourced and made in America for discriminating designers, furniture dealers and corporate clients.

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