New From 3form, A Striking Yarn Interlayer

Vector, a New Take on Chroma, Adds Dimension with Yarn

One of 3form’s primary materials, Chroma, has been updated to include an interlayer made of hundreds of layered, angled, light and dark gray colored yarns within three Chroma layers—creating an optically intriguing design.

3form is known for its range of surfacing options using Varia EcoResin, Glass, Koda XT and more. While Chroma offers the flexibility, durability and color that 3form is known for, it is unique in that it designed to be a horizontal surface. It is the ideal application for tables or countertops when paired with 3form’s fabrication capabilities.

About 3form

3form is a leading manufacturer of resin materials and architectural solutions for the design industry, with a long history of award-winning innovation. Based in Salt Lake City, 3form practices socially and environmentally responsible design.