Nature Inspired FLOS Lamp – New Design by Patricia Urquiola

Spring 2017 brings the latest introduction for FLOS: Serena, a sophisticated table lamp designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Serena’s design was inspired by the various shaped and colored leaves found in the natural world. The rounded leaf-shaped reflector evokes the pistil of a flower, and allows the light to pass through. The collection was designed to be pure, calm and flexible, equal parts sculpture and light source.

The dynamic reflector, with a natural and light movement, can be directed to obtain an intense, precise reflected light. The structure of the lamp reduces the LED source’s visual impact but still provides the user with the best of comfort and superior quality lighting technology.

Serena is offered in copper, black nickel or aluminum finishes with a black base. The lamp will be available for purchase via the website: in April.


“Serena is a light that wants to fit in. Neither brash nor imposing, it is domestic by nature. It is lightweight and plays with the diffusers, reflecting or allowing the light to pass through.

It is pure, calm, dry, light and flexible.

It is inspired by the natural world, by leaves of different shapes and colours, in floor-standing, table, applique and even branch-like suspension versions.” – Patricia Urquiola

Sophisticated family of lamps, characterized by round or oval leaf-shaped diffusers, where the light source evokes the pistil of a flower. Conceived in refined materials and finishes like copper and polished aluminum.

Finish: Reflector available in copper, aluminium or black nickel . Lamp base in black.

Light source: 1 LED – 2700k – 1100lm total – CRI 90 – 13W