National Office Furniture’s HQ Opens; Designed by Gensler



National Office Furniture, a unit of Kimball International, Inc., announces a new Corporate Headquarters location. The 50,000 square foot facility is located at 1610 Royal Street in Jasper, IN, and houses over 140 corporate employees. The facility is on the Kimball International campus and was designed, renovated, and outfitted by the world renowned Gensler design firm and National’s internal design team.

The Headquarters mirrors the shift in today’s workplaces to create floorplans geared toward activity based space planning. Employees can choose to work in different areas based on the task they are working on. The entire facility is outfitted with National furniture and demonstrates product capabilities, functionality, and versatility. The progressive work environments, meeting spaces, workstations, conference rooms, and collaboration areas highlight National’s dedication to working efficiently and allowing employees to work how they are most productive.

2015.0914.Project.NationalOffice.Phone Room
Phone Room

National is known as ‚ÄúFurniture with Personality¬ģ‚ÄĚ and the building embodies that. Whimsical artwork and quotes can be found throughout the space. Bold fabrics and stunning graphics, paired with unexpected product solutions, prove that National‚Äôs Headquarters is nothing short of a masterpiece. The space is also used as a working showroom to display product capabilities and promote idea generation with guests.

With areas dedicated to collaborate, learn, interact, and focus, the new Headquarters represents how customers are using National’s furniture in their own workspaces. National’s new Headquarters is a true testament to today’s working environments.

2015.0914.Project.NationalOffice.Open Plan Workstations
Open Plan Workstations

About National Office Furniture:

National Office Furniture, a brand unit of Kimball International, Inc. (NASDAQ: KBAL), is a Jasper, Indiana-based manufacturer of high-quality office furnishings. Since 1980, National has built a reputation for excellence with stylish furniture of exceptional value; a dedication to personalized service; product designs that reflect a passion for the user’s comfort and productivity; and a commitment to environmental responsibility. National operates facilities in Santa Claus and Jasper, Indiana; and Fordsville and Danville, Kentucky. For more information about National and its products, visit

2015.0914.Project.NationalOffice.Private Office
Private Office
2015.0914.Project.NationalOffice.Hospitality Area
Hospitality Area
2015.0914.Project.NationalOffice.Huddle Room
Huddle Room
2015.0914.Project.NationalOffice.The Board Room
The Board Room